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Agario Private Turkish Server


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Agario Private Turkish Server
Once you log in, you will move a cell into a new environment. Yes, you will be a round-shaped cell with tiny body size. Agario is a strategy game, so you need to think carefully before making any action. Your cell needs nutrients to grow. It is time for you to complete the goal and the mission. You can’t be little forever and safe under this fragile shell. You have to come out of the tiny world for eating. By searching for prey, you have more opportunities to survive and exist. Please swallow any non-player spot first. Increase your energy by absorbing the cells of other players when you are strong enough. Whether you play Agario online in any mode, you should also remember your main objective is to enlarge as big as possible. You can go out again and again while you didn’t achieve your desired size by swallowing by others. Do not worry! Just for fun!
sites: http://agarprivateserver.com
18-05-2016 09:10
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Agario Private Turkish Server - resthit - 18-05-2016 09:10

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